Oh, Sammy!

Here is a year's worth of noteworthy Sammy pictures that I've posted elsewhere before but really need to be in our family blog, too. These are pictures that bring to mind the phrase, "Oh, Sammy!" I'm putting this post in August because that's his special month; our special month, really. It's when we all were so lucky to have him join our family. We would never be the same without our Sammy!

Early in the year when he was still in his crib, Sammy made sure that Elmo had a wi-wi (pacifier) in his mouth, too.

Sammy found a deck of cards and decided under the dining room table is really the best place for a card shark.

What happens when nap doesn't happen. That's three packs of wipes, my friends. Or, if you want real numbers: 300 wipes. He said his socks were wet and asked if I could maybe change them. Yeah, I'll get right on that. As you can see, there was trouble at nap time when he transitioned out of the crib to his big boy bed.

Brand new toothbrushes, meet toilet water. Oh, so pleased to meet you! Swish-swish.

Another Sammy would not nap, he would rather empty entire contents of drawers and closets kind of day.

On one of those no-nap days this is how I found him at 4:57 p.m. All that mayhem is tiring (which is why he still needs a nap!)!

Sammy stuck in the cat flap. If there is a hazard near or far, this kid will find it.

Boxes are so much fun!

Sammy's preschool picture, age 3 yrs.

What Sammy packed all on his own for our Thanksgiving break vacation. Not a stitch of clothing, just the important things!

Sammy's very first Child of the Day crown!

Within an hour of playing with these two stocking stuffers, this was the result. Mangled Slinky, missing Silly Putty. The latter is still missing.

"Oh, Sammy!" We love you!


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