Avast, Sammy Be 3!

Arrrr, me hearties! 'Tis true: Cap'n Sammy be 3! T'was a grande celebration at ye old dwellin' O' Nicholson. It were fairly crawlin' with scallywags 'n landlubbers alike. Thar were swimmin' 'n slidin' in ye shark infested backyard. Thar were crafts 'n fierce battles with swords. Thar were a grande pirate feast 'n drink aplenty. Thar also were a treasure hunt! Cap'n Sammy had ye best birthday party a wee pirate could 'ave!

'Tis ye cake o' pirates.

Cap'n Sammy 'n Annabel a slidin' with ye sharks.

Polly wanna cracker!

Cap'n Sammy with ye sword 'n hat.

Scallywags a slidin'.

Ye olde table o' crafts.

Pirate feast.

Ye pirate ship suffered a fierce blow, yet she sailed on.

Arrr, fire!!!

Hoist ye sails, matie! Thar be a strong wind a blowin'!

Yo, ho, ho! Happy Birthday, t' ye!

Huntin' fer hidden treasure!

Lucy be helpin' ye scallywags read th' clues.

Ahoy, more clues!

'N still more clues!

Ye be near treasure!

Aye! Treasure be found!

Enjoyin' ye rings o' candy!

Happy Birthday, Cap'n Sammy!


  1. howdy stranger. Just came across a comment from you on my blg...three years ago?...and thought I would check in on you. Can't believe those kids! looks like you have had a good summer. Hope the rest of life is good. It's becoming fall in WNC and all is well. long hot summer so the cool is refreshing. stay well! peggy newell


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