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Avast, Sammy Be 3!

Arrrr, me hearties! 'Tis true: Cap'n Sammy be 3! T'was a grande celebration at ye old dwellin' O' Nicholson. It were fairly crawlin' with scallywags 'n landlubbers alike. Thar were swimmin' 'n slidin' in ye shark infested backyard. Thar were crafts 'n fierce battles with swords. Thar were a grande pirate feast 'n drink aplenty. Thar also were a treasure hunt! Cap'n Sammy had ye best birthday party a wee pirate could 'ave!

'Tis ye cake o' pirates.

Cap'n Sammy 'n Annabel a slidin' with ye sharks.

Polly wanna cracker!

Cap'n Sammy with ye sword 'n hat.

Scallywags a slidin'.

Ye olde table o' crafts.

Pirate feast.

Ye pirate ship suffered a fierce blow, yet she sailed on.

Arrr, fire!!!

Hoist ye sails, matie! Thar be a strong wind a blowin'!

Yo, ho, ho! Happy Birthday, t' ye!

Huntin' fer hidden treasure!

Lucy be helpin' ye scallywags read th' clues.

Ahoy, more clues!

'N still mor…

Our Summer of Swimming Lessons

It was the summer of swimming lessons for our kids this year. They were signed up for swimming lessons the week after Lucy's school was out and took them for eight weeks straight. Pretty much every day we could be found at the Rhonewood pool. It was a huge commitment of time, energy and money but so very worth it. They all came out better swimmers (or in Sammy's case less fearful of the water) and it was such a good investment.

Lucy, who always loved the water, now can dive, swim the length of the pool and is working on her strokes. Her teacher said she'd be a good addition to swim team next year if she wanted to and, of course, Lucy was thrilled at the idea.

Annabel went from sitting on the step at the start of the summer to actually being able to move herself through the water, feet off the bottom! We discovered the book Little By Little at the library this summer and it fits Annabel perfectly. Little by little, just like the otter in the book, she is lifting up her feet…

Oh, Sammy!

Here is a year's worth of noteworthy Sammy pictures that I've posted elsewhere before but really need to be in our family blog, too. These are pictures that bring to mind the phrase, "Oh, Sammy!" I'm putting this post in August because that's his special month; our special month, really. It's when we all were so lucky to have him join our family. We would never be the same without our Sammy!

Early in the year when he was still in his crib, Sammy made sure that Elmo had a wi-wi (pacifier) in his mouth, too.

Sammy found a deck of cards and decided under the dining room table is really the best place for a card shark.

What happens when nap doesn't happen. That's three packs of wipes, my friends. Or, if you want real numbers: 300 wipes. He said his socks were wet and asked if I could maybe change them. Yeah, I'll get right on that. As you can see, there was trouble at nap time when he transitioned out of the crib to his big boy bed.

Brand new toothb…