Summer Visit to Grandma's House

We took a trip to Grandma's house this summer to see Grandma, Nona and Grandpa Red, and to celebrate the kids' birthdays all at once. My mom is suffering from a neck disorder that ultimately will result in neurosurgery, so she couldn't make it to any of our summer birthday parties for the kids. We decided to celebrate up north with her and the great-grandparents instead!

My mom baked the kids a cake, which they all got to frost, write their names and sprinkle with abandon.

Nona, Annabel, Grandpa Red, Lucy and Sammy on the happy birthday occasion!

This year it's 3, 5 and 7 on the cake. Too much growing up, I tell you. Far too much growing up. See Annabel's great effort with her name? Cake writing is difficult stuff, but she nailed it. Nailed it!

Sammy insisted Grandpa Red help him open all his gifts. And trying to get everything free of the the zip ties and wire twists was no problem at all because Grandpa Red always carries his Swiss Army knife. You should have seen Sammy's face when he saw the knife! Wow!

Oh, Thomas the Tank Engine!

Grandma and the great-grandparents really spoiled the kids this time.


And the grand finale gift that Sammy found hidden in Grandma's closet: "Look at this, Grandma!!! Come see this!!!" Sneaky little guy found it before the full 18 hour battery charge. But after it charged and he was riding it the next morning, it was the best possible present Sammy.

King of the Road.

Annabel swimming at one of Grandma's pools.

Lucy was completely in her element. Loves swimming, loves the pool. Thank you, Grandma!!!

Here's a video: Annabel swimming and Lucy giving instructions on how to use a diving board.


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