Sammy's First Hair Cut

Sammy had his first official hair cut last week. I had trimmed his bangs and maybe some whispies in the back once or twice, but it was nothing like a real, true big boy haircut. I was afraid he'd cry like Lucy and Annabel did, but he actually did the best of all kids at their first haircuts. He also was the oldest of all three for his first haircut, so I am sure that helped (about a month shy of his 3rd birthday). I wanted it to be fun for him so we took him to the place where you sit in Lightning McQueen or Thomas. He couldn't decide but ended up in Thomas (yet wanted to be in Lightning the whole time). The lollipop helped with the hair-chair remorse he felt. Overall, a great first haircut for Mr. Sammy!

His hair was curly, long and loose in a flyaway style that was fine for his baby days but needed to be tamed a bit now that he's nearly in preschool.

We kept some length and most of the blond curls, but it's evened out now and looks so much better! He's pretty happy with it too!

Here's the back afterwards. The hair stylist kept saying, "He's got great hair!" We think so, too. :)


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