Lucy Bee!

Lucy is growing up so very quickly. Our little bee is becoming a mature young girl. The year of 2011 for her was one-half age 6 and one-half age 7. She's made great strides in school both with her friendships and in academics. She is maturing into a thoughtful, artistic and always fun loving person. Some of these pictures are from Facebook that never made their way over to the blog. Many have all three kids because Lucy is often the ringleader in their escapades, our live wire!

Lucy and Annabel in their prairie girl dresses that Nona made.

Lucy completed the summer reading game for the second summer in a row.

One of a few fun beach days during the spring and summer months. She is a beach girl through and through. Loves the sand, loves the water, loves the freedom and playtime.

Lucy's first day of 2nd grade and Annabel's first day of kindergarten.

Lucy's 2nd grade school picture, age 7.

Lucy's first soccer game on her U8 team, Pink Dynamite. It was her third year and she did all right.

Lucy called up Sammy and Annabel on the gourd phones.

Here's Lucy with the chicken also called Lucy. She got such a kick out of that on her autumn school field trip, amazed there was a chicken named Lucy!

Lucy at the school Halloween parade.

Lucy with her very first library card and the very first book she checked out: Beagle in a Backpack, part of the Animal Ark series she currently loves to read.

Fall, glorious fall!

Miss Lucy Beatrice, we love you!


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