Another Beautiful Day at New Brighton Beach, Capitola

Love beach days, love this beach! Everybody's happy with the mild surf, sand, sticks (Sammy, specifically) and sun! I am now watching the weather to figure out when our next beach day could be. Cannot wait to do it again.

Sammy loved the sticks. Here's one for walking.

Annabel walking along.

Sammy with a stick for digging.

Sandy hands!

Lucy and Annabel making a pool and decorating with seaweed.

She loves beach days. Next time I've told her we'll bring the boogie board as long as she keeps up her swimming skills. Lessons have been great this year!

Testing out her "pool." Going to need to keep digging a bit, I think.

Stick for waving around, making lots of action sounds.

If you click on the picture, you'll see his funny face. Love his expressions.

I've promised him a big shovel before our next beach trip. He refused the normal-sized ones.

Pelicans were fishing all day. Here's one soaring above the water about to dive down for a fish.

Good-bye beach. See you again soon.


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