Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucy Is 7!

Lucy turned 7 years old on July 16. She woke up to presents and pancakes. We had a party with her girlfriends from school at the activity pool. We also went out to dinner at Chili's. I think she had a great birthday full of celebrations!

Lucy and I baked jam-filled cupcakes from scratch for her pool party.


Birthday morning present opening. Flamingo assisted.

Lucy was surprised and delighted that Grandma got her an AG Kanani doll and book. Seriously, she was thrilled!

Lucy having fun with her friends at her pool party. It was strange weather that day for California in the middle of July, but the water was warm so the cold day and overcast skies didn't dampen spirits too much.

Annabel enjoying the warm water.

Sammy with Paul playing in the pool.

Annabel and her friend.

Luau food and birthday presents.

She loved celebrating her birthday at her favorite place!

Lucy taking pictures with her waterproof camera.

Lunch time!

Seven candles to blow out this year!

The girls playing dress up.

Lucy loves her new bike from Granny! She rides it nearly every day. Such a great gift!

Out to dinner with Kanani and family.

Paul and Lucy and Kanani.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sammy's First Hair Cut

Sammy had his first official hair cut last week. I had trimmed his bangs and maybe some whispies in the back once or twice, but it was nothing like a real, true big boy haircut. I was afraid he'd cry like Lucy and Annabel did, but he actually did the best of all kids at their first haircuts. He also was the oldest of all three for his first haircut, so I am sure that helped (about a month shy of his 3rd birthday). I wanted it to be fun for him so we took him to the place where you sit in Lightning McQueen or Thomas. He couldn't decide but ended up in Thomas (yet wanted to be in Lightning the whole time). The lollipop helped with the hair-chair remorse he felt. Overall, a great first haircut for Mr. Sammy!

His hair was curly, long and loose in a flyaway style that was fine for his baby days but needed to be tamed a bit now that he's nearly in preschool.

We kept some length and most of the blond curls, but it's evened out now and looks so much better! He's pretty happy with it too!

Here's the back afterwards. The hair stylist kept saying, "He's got great hair!" We think so, too. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Is it true that the most damaged among us are those who show the most emotion? The most raw anguish? Or perhaps they are the strong ones because they have felt. They have seen things and experienced life's worst moments. The tragedies. The violence. The hunger. The absence of love.
They are moved. They are without circumstance to keep them upright, to keep them afloat yet they stay buoyant. Without obvious compass, save their own emotion. Their ability to feel outwardly for the all the world to see. Damaged, yet feeling.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Visit to Grandma's House

We took a trip to Grandma's house this summer to see Grandma, Nona and Grandpa Red, and to celebrate the kids' birthdays all at once. My mom is suffering from a neck disorder that ultimately will result in neurosurgery, so she couldn't make it to any of our summer birthday parties for the kids. We decided to celebrate up north with her and the great-grandparents instead!

My mom baked the kids a cake, which they all got to frost, write their names and sprinkle with abandon.

Nona, Annabel, Grandpa Red, Lucy and Sammy on the happy birthday occasion!

This year it's 3, 5 and 7 on the cake. Too much growing up, I tell you. Far too much growing up. See Annabel's great effort with her name? Cake writing is difficult stuff, but she nailed it. Nailed it!

Sammy insisted Grandpa Red help him open all his gifts. And trying to get everything free of the the zip ties and wire twists was no problem at all because Grandpa Red always carries his Swiss Army knife. You should have seen Sammy's face when he saw the knife! Wow!

Oh, Thomas the Tank Engine!

Grandma and the great-grandparents really spoiled the kids this time.


And the grand finale gift that Sammy found hidden in Grandma's closet: "Look at this, Grandma!!! Come see this!!!" Sneaky little guy found it before the full 18 hour battery charge. But after it charged and he was riding it the next morning, it was the best possible present Sammy.

King of the Road.

Annabel swimming at one of Grandma's pools.

Lucy was completely in her element. Loves swimming, loves the pool. Thank you, Grandma!!!

Here's a video: Annabel swimming and Lucy giving instructions on how to use a diving board.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Beautiful Day at New Brighton Beach, Capitola

Love beach days, love this beach! Everybody's happy with the mild surf, sand, sticks (Sammy, specifically) and sun! I am now watching the weather to figure out when our next beach day could be. Cannot wait to do it again.

Sammy loved the sticks. Here's one for walking.

Annabel walking along.

Sammy with a stick for digging.

Sandy hands!

Lucy and Annabel making a pool and decorating with seaweed.

She loves beach days. Next time I've told her we'll bring the boogie board as long as she keeps up her swimming skills. Lessons have been great this year!

Testing out her "pool." Going to need to keep digging a bit, I think.

Stick for waving around, making lots of action sounds.

If you click on the picture, you'll see his funny face. Love his expressions.

I've promised him a big shovel before our next beach trip. He refused the normal-sized ones.

Pelicans were fishing all day. Here's one soaring above the water about to dive down for a fish.

Good-bye beach. See you again soon.