Girl Scout Camporee

Lucy and I went to Girl Scout Camporee during Memorial Day weekend again this year. She was still a Daisy (the youngest group) but did so much better this year than last year. It's held at a Boy Scout camp very far up in the hills outside Livermore. I can tell you there are a lot of rattlesnakes, ticks, poison oak and other critters up in the hills. Best advice offered was to stay on the trails. Glad we took it! Even so, we still saw a couple of rattlesnakes just off the trail. The rangers who live there full time zoom up and relocate them as soon as we find them. The weather was a little different too. In town there was not much rain to speak of, according to Paul. Meanwhile up at camp it poured for hours on end our second night up there, so we took a break from camping in our soggy tents and went home to sleep in our dry beds (we also sneaked in a couple of hot showers!). We went right back up to camp bright and early the next morning. All in all, it was a great camping trip with just a few surprises.

One of the parent helpers brought up this delicious dessert for us to devour after our first night's dinner. (The dining hall didn't open until day two.) It was yummy! Notice the cake decorator wrote "Camp Oree" rather than Camporee. Hey, could be a submission to Cake Wrecks, huh? Maybe not enough of a wreck though. :)

Campfire night one. A lot of singing and good cheer.

After flag up and breakfast, all the girls broke out into patrols led by older Girl Scouts. They moved from activity to activity throughout the morning. Candle making, horse shoes, leather stamping, necklace making and potato sack races were offered, among many other activities.

After lunch we grouped back into our troop, and Abby got the girls started on making bird callers.

Troop shot with the bird callers.

We had a free time in the afternoon, during which we took a hike and the girls practiced their troop skit that they would have performed at campfire. Instead, the rain fell and we had movie night and some home time in warm, dry beds. The troops got to do their skits right after lunch on day three.

After patrols and skits on day three, the girls went to the sling shot range.

No one shot their eye out.

Campfire night three was so much fun. We had yummy BBQ by the fire, followed by churros and entertainment. The patrols did all of their skits, and the staff did their Toy Story-themed skit. Lots of fun!

"Lucky" with "Fishy" (every camper has a camp name), Lucy's patrol leader.

"Lucky" and "Oodles"

Campers posing with Toy Story stars.

Troop 32874 with leader and parent helpers.


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