Annabel Is 5!

Annabel turned 5 years old on May 31st! We celebrated with friends at a local jumpy house place about a week before her actual birthday. My baby girl is well and truly a little girl now. It's so wonderful to see her growing up, yet so hard to let go of the idea of her being my sweet baby girl. I guess I'll have to get used to all this growing up because time keeps zipping past me with no sign of stopping. It seems I say to myself daily, "Where does the time go?"

We did a party-place party for the second time ever and it was probably a good idea. Fresh off Disneyland and with family from afar visiting (Paul's brother, Mark) it would have been tough to do our usual at-party at home. Not to worry though -- we'll be celebrating pirate style at ye olde dwellin' o' Nicholson for Sammy's 3rd birthday coming up in August. But that's a little off topic. Anyway...

I think Annabel enjoyed the jumpy place, especially with all her preschool friends with her to celebrate!

The birthday girl, Annabel!

Brittany and Annabel, jumping away.

Everyone jumping.

Claire with a big smile.

Alyssa, Annabel, Yuna and Brittany ready to slide!

Ashleigh on the go!

Yuna, Annabel and Alyssa.

Mia, Claire and Brittany on stage in costume!

Diego and Claire entertaining.

Girls shooting some hoops.

Luke, Zack, Diego and Sammy bowling.

Pizza time.

Singing Happy Birthday to Annabel.

I wonder what she wished?

Opening presents.

Annabel getting some help from Mommy and Lucy (not that she needed it!).

Lucy designing some tissue paper attire for Sammy.


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