Friday, June 24, 2011

Camping at Calaveras Big Trees State Park

We went camping with a group of six families (with 18 kids aged 6 and under) in June at Big Trees State Park near Arnold, California. The kids had a great time pretty much entertaining themselves and it was a really great group of people, making for a fabulous trip overall. It was our first time at Big Trees and we were impressed. Lots of space, big trees (yep, it's true), a beautiful meadow and decent amenities.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swan Lake Ballet Performance

The long awaited day of the Swan Lake performance was in June right after school let out. The girls had worked very hard on their dances since January and were very excited to finally wear their tutus and perform in the big theater. I was excited for them, too! They both did a wonderful job and enjoyed it to the fullest.

The girls are ready to go!

Paul was away in England so I hired a neighbor girl to babysit Sammy. I knew he couldn't sit still for the performance and I would miss the whole thing chasing after him in the entry way. He was reluctant to stay with the babysitter but he did fine overall. This photo was taken right before the girls and I left. Can you see he's a bit sulky?

Annabel was a little swan.

The grand finish.

Lucy was a midnight swan.

The grand finish.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Days of School June 2011

We ended the school year with many activities and a few tears because my babies are growing up and because Annabel is going to miss life at preschool, Lucy will miss her amazing first grade teacher and I, sadly, no longer have a toddler to take to Mommy & Me class. It is difficult to believe I will have two in elementary school and one in preschool next year. Wait a minute! That's all three kids in school. Astonishing! I will have two hours entirely to myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in September. The thought is remarkable! I might actually become a lady of leisure. Or maybe I'll use that time to clean the house. Or write a book. The possibilities are endless. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. Back to the last days of school. Lots of activities: field trips, hoedowns, performances, declarations of gratitude and heartfelt good-byes. Time passes quickly. I will always have my memories. I will always be the keeper of my kids' memories, too.

Annabel with a plant from preschool. It wasn't the flower she planted (because that one died) but it still is a flower from the preschool garden that they all helped water and watched grow.

Annabel on the last day of school. The kids performed a few songs, including "Kindergarten here we come! (So long preschool, It's been fun!)"

Annie performing with some of her classmates. We won't see any of these little ones at our home school. Everyone is scattered all over town at different schools.

Annabel with Mrs. Clark, or, as she calls her, Mrs. Clock. :)

Annabel with Mrs. Xavier

Annabel with Mrs. Bird.

After Annabel's last-day-of-preschool festivities, we went to Sammy's last day of Mommy & Me class. Here are Annabel and Sammy planting sunflowers.

It was washing baby doll day, too. Sammy wasn't that into it, but baby got clean anyway.

This was one of Annabel's all-time favorite days at Mommy & Me class when she went at age 2, and it proved to be equally exciting the second time around.

Sammy with Miss Erin. It was our last Mommy & Me class ever. No more babies to take to class. I'm on my own next year. :(

Sammy waiting for Lucy's last ballet class to finish.

Lucy's first grade "Around the World" performance. The kids actually flew in an airplane (fashioned from classroom chairs but labeled just like airline seats!) with pilot and copilot (the kids) around the world to every continent and many countries on each (except Antarctica, which has no country). They learned so much about the world: its people, notable places, customs, flags, governments, food, money and songs. At the end of this post is a video of Lucy and friends doing their part about England. She's half English, so it's fitting that she learned a bit about it.

Mrs. C handing out First Grade Superstar certificates.

Lucy was so, so thrilled!

Best teacher ever! We were so fortunate to have her in our lives this year. I am amazed at how much Lucy learned and how the enthusiasm to learn was fostered so well by Mrs. C.

I was a parent volunteer as much as Paul's travel schedule would allow. We volunteers each received a Big Thank You card, with a big surprise inside.

Each student signed the card and the surprise was the beautiful note cards the kids created by hand.

If you get one of theses cards from me you'll know it was part of my Big Thank You!

Lucy made the Zebra card.

And a butterfly on a flower.

And Rapunzel, with her chameleon and frying pan. :)