Our Sweet Annabel

This post is about notable Annabel moments of 2011 that should not go without recognition here on the the family blog. Annabel the sweetheart. Annabel the performer. Annabel the beauty. Annabel the headstrong. Annabel the social butterfly. Annabel, our darling, Annabel.

Annabel with a favorite treat: hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Annabel with her invention: waffle on a stick!

Annabel at her preschool ice cream social with a lovely ladybug painted on her face.

Annabel celebrating her 5th birthday! Cake for breakfast. The only way to start a birthday.

A dress-up, tea party kind of day during the summer.

Annabel finished our public library's Summer Reading Game!

Annabel managing a smile with Lambie to comfort her despite a ravaging case of stomach flu.

Annabel relaxing on the caterpillar at the Oakland Zoo with Lucy.

Annabel with her best friend from preschool after a soccer game in the fall.

Annabel enjoying her kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.

Annabel cozy and excited to see the Holiday Lights parade downtown.

Annabel on BART on the way to the City for Christmas.

Annabel, we love you!


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