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Our Sweet Annabel

This post is about notable Annabel moments of 2011 that should not go without recognition here on the the family blog. Annabel the sweetheart. Annabel the performer. Annabel the beauty. Annabel the headstrong. Annabel the social butterfly. Annabel, our darling, Annabel.

Annabel with a favorite treat: hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Annabel with her invention: waffle on a stick!

Annabel at her preschool ice cream social with a lovely ladybug painted on her face.

Annabel celebrating her 5th birthday! Cake for breakfast. The only way to start a birthday.

A dress-up, tea party kind of day during the summer.

Annabel finished our public library's Summer Reading Game!

Annabel managing a smile with Lambie to comfort her despite a ravaging case of stomach flu.

Annabel relaxing on the caterpillar at the Oakland Zoo with Lucy.

Annabel with her best friend from preschool after a soccer game in the fall.

Annabel enjoying her kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.

Annabel cozy and excited to see the Holiday Lights…

Disneyland Trip

We took our family vacation for the year a bit early to avoid the summer crowds. Best decision ever. Lucy, according to her teacher, excels in all areas of the curriculum, so I wasn't too worried about pulling her out of school for four days, though it wasn't something I took lightly. However, it's like throwing away time and money to go in the middle of summer when it's hot and crowded and nobody's truly happy in the Happiest Place on Earth, right? So it was a good thing to go when we did. On our spring vacation we really had a ton of fun, but, boy, this kind of "vacation" is busy! More like a trip, a business trip with lots of fun, too. Grueling but fun. We were up early every day, walked miles all day long and stayed up late each night. It's kind of a relief to have done the Disney trip and have it checked off the list for the next year or two (or three?). Or maybe we'll be back next year for more fun!

Day one: The family in front of the fa…

Easter Egg Hunts

We went to my local moms' group Easter egg hunt again this year. Beautiful green hills, happy kids, yummy snacks and fun little egg treats. Wente is such a stunning setting for this event. The hills were alive yet again.

Sammy running through the hills surrounding the egg hunt.

We still have not seen The Sound of Music (one of my favorites) and every time we are out at Wente in the spring I am reminded that we have got to introduce this fantastic movie to the kids.

Family picture. This was the best of about 10 our friend took. We are so photogenic, aren't we? Well, at least we've got personality plus!

Sammy with his eggs. Pretty proud of his catch this time.

Paul playing with the kids post-hunt.

We stayed home the day of Easter. It rained off and on throughout the morning but finally the sun came out in the afternoon long enough for the Bunny to drop by and hide some eggs for the kids. They had a great time searching around the backyard for them. Afterward I got a cute shot of t…