Spring Break 2011

Spring break was a little more than a week ago and I was bound and determined to keep the kids busy and make the most of having everyone together and having nothing on the schedule. I have to admit that the thought of having a wide open week was a little daunting but also exciting. I mean, we are not over scheduled per se, but with elementary school, preschool, Mommy & Me class, Daisy Scouts, two ballet classes, playgroup/playdates and various school events, we are very busy during the week. I wanted to take advantage of all that time with absolutely no constraints and make something of every single day. The weather co-operated the first part of the week and we had a fabulous family hike, a warm beach trip and a sunny amusement park outing. Best of all, the kids were so busy there was almost no fighting!

Mid-week we had a prep/pack day for our trip up to Grandma's house. I managed to get an oil change (by the car place), the car washed and vacuumed (by me), snacks and spring shoes purchased, and clothes washed and packed. It took all day and the kids squabbled a fair bit, but I knew it would be worth it once we were up at my Mom's house. Thursday through Sunday we spent in Redding and that part of spring break was action packed too. Dinner out, girls' first ski trip, sledding, Costco shopping spree, Grandpa Red and Nona's house for a visit and tractor ride, nature walk along the river trail and long playdate with the little neighbor girl, who coincidentally was born on the same date as Annabel. All in all, spring break was fun and, while not really a 'break' at all, it was full of activities that made many memories.

Springtime hike in the hills near our house.

We packed a picnic lunch.

Day one: Beach trip to Capitola, New Brighton Beach. Our first time and it was gorgeous.

Perfect weather: sunny, warm and no wind. Waves were small and ideal for wading.

Lucy enjoying our picnic lunch.

Annabel, beach girl.

Sammy had a blast playing. It was like heaven for him: a wide open beach, rocks, driftwood, buckets, shovels, sand and water.

Lucy's seaweed and other found beach things gallery.

Annabel dancing.

Day two: Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose. Here's fearless Sammy riding solo on a giant triceratops.

Lucy chose a cheetah, as that's her class animal.

Annabel chose a hummingbird.

All three on the ladybug ride.

Day three: pack and prep day still included playtime outside. Tulips are blooming!

Day four: Off to Grandma's house!

Mexican dinner out with Grandma, Grandpa Red and Nona.

Lucy painting her nails.

Lucy painting Annabel's nails.

Day four: Skiing on Mt. Shasta. Here's Annabel with Grandma just before ski school started.

Sammy busy playing in the snow.

Learning how to put skis on, make french fries and pizza slices.

Annabel went down first, making a pizza slice and doing ballet arms.

All smiles after her first run, getting a tow back to the magic carpet!

Lucy on her first run down, a little apprehensive.

Lucy went solo the next run down!

After ski school we had lunch at the lodge and then headed out for some sledding.

Like my snow chair, Mommy?

Who needs a sled?

Day five: Visit with Grandpa Red and Nona.

The girls loved this tractor ride with Grandpa Red. They were off to feed the horses.

Out for a walk on the Sacramento River trail.

A butterfly flew near Annabel...

... and landed on her shoe!

Sammy waiting for his shoe butterfly. He was too wiggly though.

Happy spring break!


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