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She's Gone

My biological mom died a little more than two weeks ago. It's very sad, very strange and very difficult. My aunt (her sister) wrote me a letter to tell me that my mom had cancer and during surgery to remove a tumor had a stroke from which she never recovered. My aunt said there was nothing I needed to do and my mom left nothing. My aunt said that my mom made some terrible choices in her life but she loved us kids. I hope she is in peace now. I'm at a loss here. I feel like I lost her at 7 years old when she gave me up (I was adopted for the first time at age 8), and then again when I contacted her as an adult and she couldn't do it, and now once more because she's gone. Too much loss really.

I know she loved me and I loved her too. It's a different kind of grieving than I could have imagined though. I suppose I had held some hope that she would have an epiphany and want to be in my life or my kids' life. But it didn't happen and now there's no …

Spring Break 2011

Spring break was a little more than a week ago and I was bound and determined to keep the kids busy and make the most of having everyone together and having nothing on the schedule. I have to admit that the thought of having a wide open week was a little daunting but also exciting. I mean, we are not over scheduled per se, but with elementary school, preschool, Mommy & Me class, Daisy Scouts, two ballet classes, playgroup/playdates and various school events, we are very busy during the week. I wanted to take advantage of all that time with absolutely no constraints and make something of every single day. The weather co-operated the first part of the week and we had a fabulous family hike, a warm beach trip and a sunny amusement park outing. Best of all, the kids were so busy there was almost no fighting!

Mid-week we had a prep/pack day for our trip up to Grandma's house. I managed to get an oil change (by the car place), the car washed and vacuumed (by me), snacks and spring sh…