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Out with the Crib, in with the Big Boy Bed

Last week Sammy decided to use his crib as a launching pad for across-the-room flights, so we had to whisk that little safety hazard out of his room and put in his twin bed. The first night was rough with many an exit ("It's morning now, Mama?") and eventually a midnight trip down the hallway to our bed for the remainder of the night. The next few nights were great because we decided to unplug the light and put a child lock on the doorknob so he couldn't turn on the light, play with all his toys in his room and then wander out of his room repeatedly when he got bored. He still has a hard time falling asleep and I often find him camped out at his door rather than in his bed, but I think he's getting the hang of it. So at barely 2 1/2 years old - he made the transition earliest of all three kids - Sammy is in his big boy bed. The baby days are nearly over. We'd better get used to it. Potty training and preschool are right around the corner.

Sammy proud of his ne…

Sammy Shaving

Just quickly posting to show Sammy immitating his daddy shaving. He's got his wy-wy (pacifier) in his mouth so it's a little hard to understand him (don't judge, my friends), but he's still pretty cute.