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St. Valentine's Day

Finally, I am back online with my fancy new laptop (many thanks to dear hubby for replacing the laptop I destroyed!) and again logging photos and tidbits about the family. It seems like so much time has passed, but really it was less than two months.

We had a fun Valentine's season this year, particularly with the preparations. I always have the kids pick out our homemade designs and we spend a lot of time putting them together. We go to such lengths almost entirely because of the anniversary of Lucy's successful open-heart surgery, three years ago almost to the day. It helps me to remember what we all went through as a family and that we are grateful for Lucy and her strong heart.

The girls enjoyed Valentine's parties on the actual day, and Sammy's was a little later that week at Mommy & Me class. Meanwhile, Paul and I went sans kids for a delicious dinner out the night before Valentine's Day, courtesy of our new playgroup babysitting co-op.

Lucy made her Valent…