Weekend in San Francisco

For the very first time we took a trip to San Francisco to see the City during the holidays. Our friends have done it a few times with their kids, and we thought it was such a great idea that we'd try it now that Sammy is old enough to travel a bit more easily. It was action packed, and the photos will show all that you can fit in in just two days. It was a merry trip to celebrate the best Christmas we've had yet!

We took BART into the City. Lucy and Annabel were super excited: Lucy's second ride and Annabel's first. We will be riding again soon I think.

The hotel's gingerbread village had a kid-operated cable car.

At the Union Square Christmas tree, a white fir from Mount Shasta.

All of us!

Paul and Sammy with the Grinch.

The girls and I went ice skating on the square.

It was a little rainy. Well, a lot rainy but we still had a great time.

Sammy hung out with Daddy. Sam kept asking for the Grinch. I think they were stalking him a bit because of Sammy's fascination.

Paul and Sammy

We took a break before dinner to lounge on the comfy beds.

Lambie as hat.

Union Square at night.


The next day waiting to ride the cable car.

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe at Fisherman's Wharf (unplanned but really fun!).

It's like dining in an amusement park ride, complete with animals and lots of jungle noises, which Sammy thought were a tad loud by the looks of it.

On a pier.

Sea lions

Dancing on the pier.

And singing too.

Sammy and me. Alcatraz in the bay behind us.

Sammy's favorite: flying!

Santa visit at Boudin Bakery's Wharf restaurant. He was the best Santa!

Cable car ride back over the hill.

Our one souvenir, a sourdough candy cane.


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