O Christmas Tree 2010

This year we went to Santa's Christmas Tree Farm near Half Moon Bay again. It was mucky and wet after an all-night rain the previous night, but we slogged through and found a keeper. Once again, it was taller in the house than I thought it would be (something about the great outdoors shrinks the appearance of trees that are actually quite large!). It was fun and a great outing for the kids to kick off the Christmas season.

Boy found a stick. Yep, that pretty much says it all.

Lucy in the wind.

This is it!

Imagine if we had chosen that really big one behind it.

Wooo-hooo! A dangerous and very sharp saw!

The whole family joined in.

Sammy takes flight. Those are the baby trees in the background. I was unable to answer Lucy's question of how long it would take for them to be the height of our tree. Ideas anyone?

He loves flying!

We visited the tree farm's namesake too.

At home we pulled out all the decoration boxes. The kids found the stockings. And put them on. As stockings should be, of course.

See! A perfect fit!

Lucy and Paul hanging the lights.

Snowy (our polar bear lawn ornament) and the kids. They love that bear.

The tree. The girls. And Sammy. Or should I say SAMMY!!! AHHH!!!

Lucy couldn't sleep so she helped me with the final touches.

Our Christmas tree.


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