The Nutcracker and Grandma's Christmas Visit

The girls took part in their very first ballet performance, The Nutcracker, this December. They each take a ballet class with Miss April through LARPD, and this is one of two annual performances the school puts on. They were very excited and more than comfortable on stage. Lucy is enthusiastic and loves the limelight. Annabel is a natural and was truly sparkling up on that stage. She also did a little number after the show. Having been told that she couldn't have cookies until after she was out of costume (they were the ballet school's costumes), she took off her candy cane costume backstage and streaked down the center aisle to the surprise of the packed house. Thank goodness my mom was at the back to quickly put on Annabel's dress before letting her loose at the cookie table. I found the candy cane costume in a crumpled ball later on. Now we know what's really important to my 4-year-old girl!

The girls wore their Christmas dresses to the performance.

Annabel in the dressing room just after putting on her candy cane costume.

Lucy in the dressing room after putting on her Spanish Chocolate costume.

The girls ready to go.

Annabel and her two girlfriends from playgroup and preschool are in the same ballet class too and they performed together. Too cute for words!

Lucy after the performance. So happy!

Annabel also the gracious performer (except for the streaking bit -- note she's not in costume!). So funny!

My mom with all the kids post-performance.

The next day we had an early Christmas with Grandma. The kids were very ready to help her unwrap her presents.

Annabel gasping at receiving a Tinkerbell play set from Grandma.

Opening her new necklace with all the kids' names.

Sammy later on with his new scooter from Grandma.


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