Christmas Parade 2010

Lucy's Girl Scout troop had a float in the Livermore holiday parade. It was an evening of firsts: our first time seeing the parade and her first time being in a parade. It was very much a good old-fashioned small town parade. High school marching bands, vintage cars, Shriners on small vehicles, elderly people from the senior care homes in town, local dance teams and five million Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops parading down First Street. We really enjoyed it!

Lucy ready to roll.

Troop 32874, Daisies and Brownies for you to adore.

Pretty excited kid.

"Look at that! Look at that!"

Parade perk: people handed out candy canes by the fist fulls!

Our local branch of Mr. Pickles San Francisco Style Sandwiches was in the parade. Mr. Pickles is one of Annabel's favorite characters. We drive by him every day after preschool pick up. She waves and he waves back every single time. Here she is waving in earnest.

And Mr. Pickles has a balloon for...

...Annabel! She was beyond thrilled.


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