Thanksgiving 2010

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents, known as Nona and Grandpa Red to all the great-grandchildren, as well as with many more in our big Brand family. It was delicious, and wonderful to gather as a family again.

Once back home we also got to visit with my dad who stayed for two days. We went to the Oakland Zoo and the kids had a great time with Grandpa.

Nona and Grandpa Red working hard in the kitchen while Annabel and Lucy were drawing up a storm with the new art kit Grandma got them. Kept them busy for hours!

Grandma and her girls

Kevin and Gina (Lucas was sleeping)

Paul, Nona, Annabel, Grandma and Lucy enjoying dinner

Kim and Nona

Grandpa Red and Uncle John

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, let's eat.

Sammy and Lucas had fun playing chase.

Grandpa Red and Lucy

Grandpa with Lucy, Annabel and Sammy at the Oakland Zoo

Down at the Valley Children's Zoo area there are fun webs and such to climb.

Sammy caught in the web

Grandpa helping Sammy and the girls on the snake sculpture


Off to ride the train, with a quick stop to pose on the friendly, golden lion

The train is now called the Outback Express. It chugs through an animal enclosure with wallaroos and emus. This is a female wallaroo lying right next to the tracks.

This is a male wallaroo. The heightened testosterone in his system turns his hair that dark brown. He's also larger than the females.

A beautiful clear day. We were treated to this lovely view of the City as we rounded the bend and headed back to the station.


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