Pumpkin Patch Field Trips 2010

This year I accompanied all three of the kids on each of their respective pumpkin patch field trips to G&M Farms in Livermore. Sammy was first (and it was his first ever field trip, too!), then Lucy, and finally Annabel. Needless to say, I knew the drill by trip No. 3, but it was fun for them, and I was happy to get all the pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn to decorate the house in fall style.

Sammy and me on the Mommy & Me field trip

Happy little guy ready to ride the tractor-pulled hayride

Sammy on a steer

Playing in the corn box

In the wagon with the pumpkin he picked all on his own

Lucy riding a steer (that's tag-along little bro in the background)

Lucy playing in the corn box with her school friends

Lucy pulling her wagon with hand-picked pumpkin

Annabel on the hunt for her pumpkin

Annabel and her friend pulling their pumpkins

Annabel playing in the corn box with preschool friends

Annabel looking pretty excited!


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