Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was as event filled as ever. Sammy's costume was a dragon, as he requested, and he had many opportunities to wear it. Both girls went as Barbie again this year (this Barbie kick is lasting a while!). Annabel went as a Merliah Summers Barbie (of the movie A Mermaid Tale). Lucy was Barbie from the movie A Fashion Fairytale.

Sammy at Mommy & Me class

See the fire? He's a self-described fire breathing dragon!

Trick-or-treating with Miss Erin, his teacher

The shaky egg dance at closing circle

Lucy at her school's Halloween parade

Spinning during the parade; it's what dresses are made for (and why she insists on wearing a dress daily).

Getting ready to pose with her classmates

The night of Trick-o-Door at Lucy's school the kids got dressed up and were ready for candy.

Lucy took a turn at her classroom handing out candy. It's her favorite part of the night.

Annabel got to help too.

Time to carve the pumpkins they got from their field trips.

Sammy drawing his pumpkin's face. I have to admit I didn't follow it exactly when carving.

Annabel drawing her pumpkin's face

Now for the goopy part, scooping the seeds and slime out!

On Halloween afternoon we went to a new pumpkin patch near our house to ride the ponies.

Lots of farm fun for the kids...

...kids big and small

Wagon ride

Covered wagon attraction

Pony rides at last!

Annabel rode too

Dressed up again for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood

Annabel: "I love candy!"

A house nearby puts on a huge display each year. This year it was a dinosaur theme: moving dinos, lights, a soundtrack and a water feature. It was a huge hit with the kids.

Sammy can't take his eyes off it. Annabel was looking pretty tired at this point. And Lucy, as usual, was a ball of energy still.
Happy Halloween!


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