A Camping We Will Go

Having missed a few opportunities for camping earlier in the summer because of scheduling issues, we finally got our family camping trip early in September, the tail end of summer. We went to Butano State Park on the California coast just south of Half Moon Bay. We had been there five years ago when Lucy had just turned 1, so it was familiar to us, but it actually turned out to be a wonderful surprise how beautiful, family friendly and relaxing the campground was. How could we have forgotten all these great things? I imagine we will be back again sooner than five years from now.

There were families with kids about the same age camping all around us and everyone was so friendly. During the day they played in the trees and in the evening we all shared s'mores and the older kids even put on skits for us around the campfire. The campground is small and seemed rather close knit and safe, which is strange because we didn't know any of these people prior. It was just the friendly vibe of the campground, which is so welcomed in this day and age.

The beach is close, but we decided to skip it and instead went for a gorgeous hike through the redwoods. The days were warm and the nights cool but not cold. All in all, a perfect camping trip.

Lucy, 6; Annabel, 4 and Sammy, 2

First night there, hanging out around the campfire.

Day two, after breakfast Paul took the kids out for some scooting and running around the campground's ring road.

Hiking along the fire road that would eventually lead to the creek trail. We did it backward, but it ended up being better. Got the uphill part done first.

Sammy hitched a ride on my shoulders. We forgot the kid backpack.

Lone hiker out front, Annie.

One of the many bridges that crossed the creek. It was so nice to be back hiking in the redwoods. Reminded me of college. Really must do more hiking in the redwoods.

On the bridge. Danger boy is up to his tricks again. I had a firm hold on his fleece.

Hiker girls. They did so well! The downhill part was narrow and steep, but they must be part billy goat. Not a single problem!

Creekside exploration.

Having a late lunch back at camp soon to be followed by more campground playtime.

Evening campfire time roasting marshmallows.

Sticky marshmallow boy!

Annabel enjoying marshmallows too. Later the glow sticks came out and the skits took place. What fun!

Day three, early morning milk being requested. The kids slept really well but got up when the sun rose. Early!

Annabel playing on the tree stumps. There were a bunch of hollowed out, live trees (from lightening strikes or fires?) all around that were so fun for the kids to play in too.

At the far end of the campground was the "tree playground." It was the perfect fallen tree obstacle course to practice balancing and great for playing hide and seek too.


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