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Sammy Is 2!

Our Sammy turned 2 years old in August and I seemed to have overlooked posting an entry all about his big day! He loved his baseball cake and immediately climbed on his trike. Also, the girls climbed on too. It was like a present for all. He completely blew through unwrapping his presents and wasn't shy about it at all. But, really, what is he shy about? Mr. Personality plus!

Cake and presents ready for the birthday boy.
Sammy jumped on and Lucy gave him a push.

Sammy checking out his Wonder Pets flyboat.

Can't keep fingers out of cake!

Blowing out the candle (sort of - we helped him in the end).

A happy birthday smile beneath the cake!

Heart Party 2010

Two and a half years ago a surgeon sliced into my 3-year-old's chest - skin, bone and subsequent layers - all the way through her heart to patch a hole. A hole that made us question her future and pray for her health, and we are not usually the praying type. He, and numerous others who helped, succeeded in closing that stubborn hole. A little scarred now, sure. But she's absolutely healthy and that's all that we could hope for, and turns out it's the best thing on earth. Healthy girl, healthy children all three.

Needless to say, I get a little teary thinking about how sick she was as an infant, but how she was a fighter and did so well with, as her cardiologist described it, that clunky old broken washing machine of a heart (funny way to describe her obnoxious murmur). Still, her little heart wasn't going to budge from its first-formed anatomy. So in stepped modern medicine and that strange surgeon with hands like a symphony. He fixed her right up, and her little bo…

A Camping We Will Go

Having missed a few opportunities for camping earlier in the summer because of scheduling issues, we finally got our family camping trip early in September, the tail end of summer. We went to Butano State Park on the California coast just south of Half Moon Bay. We had been there five years ago when Lucy had just turned 1, so it was familiar to us, but it actually turned out to be a wonderful surprise how beautiful, family friendly and relaxing the campground was. How could we have forgotten all these great things? I imagine we will be back again sooner than five years from now.

There were families with kids about the same age camping all around us and everyone was so friendly. During the day they played in the trees and in the evening we all shared s'mores and the older kids even put on skits for us around the campfire. The campground is small and seemed rather close knit and safe, which is strange because we didn't know any of these people prior. It was just the friendly vibe…

First Day of School 2010

First day of school! First day of school! Ah, yes. Late summer came again and so did the start of school. Lucy was very excited to start first grade and was more than ready. She got a fantastic teacher who was new to Altamont Creek this year, and I am so thrilled for her! She loves it every day and actually gets upset at the prospect of missing school. She's been out only one day so far though, so not to worry. She is reading, writing and doing math with gusto. We are so proud! She's also making a few new friends. It's good to see her adjusting fairly well to the big change of six-hour long school days, plus soccer, Girl Scouts, homework and soon ballet, as well as the other stuff that comes with being part of our busy family.

Annabel started preschool in September and loves it too. She's also making new friends this year and, as always, is the social butterfly. I am amazed at how well she can make herself at home after a bit and really settle into it all. It's wond…