Summer Reading Game

Lucy and Annabel did the Summer Reading Game through the Livermore Public Library this year. Annabel did the Ducky's Game, a read-to-me game that involved lots of picture books, reporting on favorite books, stickers and in the end getting a cute little bathtime duck. She also had her name posted on the wall at the library. She really enjoyed it!

Lucy did the Make a Splash game that involved her reading, independently, more than 108 books and reporting on some of them to receive stickers, book charms, a medal and the grand prize of being a Super Reader and being honored on TV with the mayor (the TV thing will take place in late September). The major motivation for her was, you guessed it, being on TV. In fact she's such a performer she was inquiring what other ways people get on TV. Is she planning her debut already?

We are so proud of both girls for embracing books, which are so important in life and to me personally as well.


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