Legoland 2010

On our summer vacation in late July, apart from the beach, the main attraction was the trip to Legoland. The kids love this place. There was something fun and age-appropriate for each of them, and we so enjoyed seeing them having a great time. After all, that's what a family vacation is for, right? I mean, I regard it as a business trip (let's face it, my full-time job right now is being Mommy), but for the kiddos, it's all about having F-U-N!

Sammy playing in the toddler area

Annabel and Lucy riding on tubes down the Lazy River

Sammy watching the girls and Daddy riding down the Lazy River

Lucy declared herself "an excellent driver"

Mommy and girls on the boat ride

Sammy playing with the water squirters

Annabel on day two

Lucy on the Royal Joust ride

Annabel was fussy about her horse but loved it once mounted and riding along

Annabel and Lucy with the princess of the Grand Tournament of Champions show

Lucy and Annabel with the Red Squire and the Jester from the Grand Tournament of Champions show

Paul and Lucy running wild in the Hideaways

Annabel taking a break from the Hideaways

Back to catch the full Grand Tournament of Champions show. Lucy got picked to be one of the helper princesses on stage. She was thrilled!

The grand entrance and introduction of helping princesses

Lucy right at home on stage. She may have a future in acting.

Lucy thinks she's one of the main actors and is ready to take a bow along with them at the show's conclusion. Bravo!

Annabel loved the Lego cars. She did really well this year and managed quite a few laps.

Sammy happy with a prop car outside the Lego car rides. Next year he may be ready to roll in one of the working cars!


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