Family Reunion

Last weekend we had our family reunion in Redding. It had been a few years since we'd all been together so it was great to see everyone again. It was very hot that weekend but we kept cool inside. The kids seemed to enjoy the water play and it was fun to see the next generation all playing together. Lucy and Seth especially hit it off. It was so sweet to see that! I wish we lived closer to everyone. Still, it was great to catch up and we all hope to get together again soon. Perhaps for Grandpa Red and Nona's 60th anniversary next year?

My mom also was super nice to throw Lucy a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. All the kids seemed to enjoy it and Lucy certainly did. She loves that place. She's still terrified of the actual Chuck E. Cheese costumed character, but she manages to stay on the other side of the room when he appears.

"We're all together again!"

The Olson-Nicholson family

Lucy's 6th birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese's

Sammy and Owen driving the fire truck

My cousin Kim actually climbed up there with Owen and Sammy! Such a fun aunt/cousin!!!

Coming down the slide.

Singing, candles and cake!

Presents from family

A portion of our family gathering

Outside watching the festivities under those beautiful shady trees on Oak Knoll

Baby Noel

Uncle John and all the kids playing

Breanne, Mike and Kim digging into the BBQ feast

Annie keeping cool with her mermaid


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