All About Annabel

This one's all about Annabel. She had quite an eventful spring. First was the major accomplishment of finally getting used to the water during swimming lessons. Last summer she spent the entire time with her feet on the top step during the several sessions of swimming lessons she took. Let's just say she was just not that into swimming. This time around, mostly thanks to Scott, who she called her "Boy," she was able to get in, put her head under the water, swim all round the pool with assistance and even jump in also with assistance. We are so proud. Her "Boy" wasn't actually her instructor. Poor Andrea, her actual instructor, was completely rejected by Annabel. Our stubborn Annabel would not even get into the pool unless she saw her "Boy" swim over and take over the class. Scott was supposed to be the floater instructor, helping out when needed, but Annabel was completely taken with him and actually was as charming as could be with him. Some other parents on the observation deck even commented about what a flirt she was!

Annabel also completed her first year of preschool. She did exceptionally well in all things social and very much enjoyed her teachers and classmates alike. She loved the playtime and songs, books and new friends. She is looking forward to her next year of preschool already!

Annabel on her last day of swim class with her "Boy."

Annabel with her My Little Pony ponies. She likes them so much she chose this theme for her 4th Birthday Party.

On the last day of school the kids performed a few songs for us.

Annabel with Daddy at preschool.

Annabel with Mommy at preschool.


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