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Springtime in Sycamore Grove

Early in May we had a spell of beautiful, warm weather, so we packed a picnic and headed out with the scooters to Sycamore Grove. It's a regional park in the Livermore Valley that has a long paved trail as well as other paths for hiking and horseback riding. The highlight for the kids is the creek that runs through it -- wonderful to explore and perfect for throwing rocks.

Searching for rocks.

Annabel found a piece of smooth blue glass.

Sam enjoying his favorite pastime: throwing (rocks in this case).

Sam watching some people on horseback crossing the creek. I think he was a bit leery of the horses but engrossed in watching them cross the creek.

The highlight for me was spotting this owl out during the day. I figure it was watching over a nest or something similar.

Overheard at Our House

Time for another installment of Overheard at Our House. Some of these are a little dated because I write them down on scraps of paper when I hear them and they tend to get a little scattered. Now that I've gathered them up, here goes!

Annabel regarding her meal: "Mama, are there herbs in this?" Not sure when herbs became undesirable (or if she even knows what herbs are) but they are and she always asks.

Me: "Let's go! Chop, chop!"
Annabel: "Hey! That's what a beaver says! Chop, chop!"

Lucy of Sammy's recent talking streak: " He says everything but kitchen sink!"

"Mommy, when we don't make any 'peeps,' then it's really quiet." Annabel on a quiet ride to preschool one morning.

Not too long ago Lucy spent 10 minutes trying to convince Annabel that Annabel was the master for one of their pretend games. Annabel wasn't really responding. Lucy wandered into the kitchen, and I said, "You do know that the mast…

Easter Egg Hunt

The weekend before Easter went to Wente for my local moms group's Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day in a lovely location to enjoy time with friends and our little family. This was Sam's first true egg hunt and, as with most things with Sam, it was comical. "Climb every mountain!"
My girls in their Sunday best.

Sammy ready for the hunt.

Each age group had their own hunt. During Sammy's hunt Lucy helped him. However, for every egg she put in he would chuck two or three out, well, just because he loves to throw things!

Annabel with her basket of eggs.

The hunt is done; time to relax in the grass.