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Goldfish Bandit

Sammy knows how to get what he wants. He's always been a climber, but now when he sees something that he must have (or steal!) he pushes a kitchen chair right up to the counter, climbs up and helps himself.

The first time it happened we found him getting into the giant box of Goldfish.
Caught red handed! (He has no pants because of an unfortunate diaper incident. We had yet to run upstairs for a new pair.)

March Cuteness and Fun

We spent a lot of time indoors this late winter and early spring because of the rain. Although the wet weather was much needed, it led to many days of cabin fever. Still, we had a lot of fun.

Sammy loves hats. He points out every person he sees in a hat ("Hat! Hat!") and points to his own head. It seems he always wants a hat of his own, so we try to give him plenty of hat time. Here he is in one from our collection.

Sammy having fun on the kids' rocking horse from Grandpa Olson.

Annabel at swimming class. This is real progress for her, as last summer she spent the entire time on the step for two 2-week sessions.

Enjoying a little banana and pancake breakfast.

Sammy is clearly being subjected to one of his big sister's fashion shows again. As the silver slippers go on, he looks up as if to say, "What is 'Babble' doing to me, Mama?"

One for his future fiancee!