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Sammy and His Step Stool

Sammy has a step stool that he carries around now. He has figured out that it makes all this climbing he loves to do a whole lot easier. Why struggle to get on the dining room chair to then get on the dining room table for big sisters' markers (and maybe a little swinging on the chandelier) when it's so much faster with a step stool?! And, as you can see, it gives easy access to the ice and water dispensers on the fridge. Ice is so much fun! And so is getting soaking wet!

Annabel on Ice!

Annabel and I had our ice skating outing today. She was a natural. She's got a free spirit, is happy go lucky and was loving it despite the unexpected cold. She said, "I am an Olympic skater!" It was so cute. I'm looking forward to taking both girls now that I know they are into gliding on ice.

"See my ice skates, Mama?"

All on her own nearly from the get go.

Another fun skating shot.

Oofda! She fell a lot but wasn't phased at all. She got right back up and kept on skating.