Ice Skating for the First Time

I took Lucy ice skating for the first time on Saturday. We had so much fun. Honestly, it was the best time we've had in a long time! It was a perfect mother-daughter outing and I hope to do it again soon (next with Annabel and if I'm really brave with both girls eventually). While it was a slow start with a lot of hanging around the wall, by the end of the session she was doing so well, even skating on her own.

Here's Lucy going it solo by the end of the session. She still liked to hold my hand a lot but she also was bravely skating on her own.

Oh, look! The Zamboni is coming! (Aside: Isn't that word amusing to say? "Zamboni!")

And there it is, making it nice and slippery for all us novice skaters.

I have to include a before shot of how we started out the session. Clinging to the wall!
When we finished three hours of skating at the ice rink I thought a treat was in order so we headed on out to Starbucks where Lucy had a Horizon chocolate milk and a gigantic chocolate cupcake. She earned it, my little skater!


  1. Aw that was a great idea and the pictures are adorable! Nice mommy-daughter day :)


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