Winter Wonderland

During the week between Christmas and the New Year, we spent some time with my longtime friend Hilarie and family at their family cabin in North Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous and so much fun for everyone. We are very grateful to have such wonderful friends to play with in the snow! The highlights were cozy meals, watching the snow fall every day and night, icicle picking, snowball fights, making snowmen and sledding! The kids' first real experience with snow could not have been better.

Sammy was not really a fan of the cold but he was such a trooper each day.

Annabel also was great despite the cold.

Our second day we woke up to more snow!

Lucy enjoyed the view from the window seat.

Hollis (Hilarie's daughter) and my girls played in a snow drift just outside the cabin.

Paul and Sam (Hilarie's husband) pulling the big kids up the hill on the way to Lake Tahoe.

The beautiful lake.

Sammy riding on the sled.

Lucy, Annabel and Hollis at the snowy lake.

Paul with Annabel and a couple of big snowballs.

Paul swinging the kids over a stream and Sam playing chase with his boy Emory.

After watching the kids have fun making many snow angels I finally took a turn making one of my own.

Me and the kids right on the lake.

Sam, Emory, Hollis and Hilarie at the lake

Sammy fell asleep on the sled ride home.

An afternoon of sledding!

After a long day of snow play we all found icicles.

Day three, even more snow!

Sammy found Daddy's boots.

Finally some good snowman making snow fell so we all got to work making snowmen.

Sammy on a snowy road.

Lucy had a blast sledding that day.

Hollis brought Hilarie a heart made of snow.

Sam and Emory sledding.

Lucy and Hollis in a sled race.

Annabel took a solo run for the first time and did wonderfully!


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