Overheard at Our House

"1-800-BEACHES is where everything is perfect." - Lucy upon seeing a Beaches commercial while watching the latest favorite show around here Busytown Mysteries.

(Sammy doesn't have a voice, so I'll just include a little tidbit about him.) I just discovered that Sammy found the Kleenex box again. How do I know? There's tissue all over the bathroom and quite a bit of "used" tissue stuffed back into the tissue box. I've seen him with tissue; he wipes the walls and the tables. I think he thinks he's cleaning. And, no, I did not just wipe my nose with one of those used tissues. Nope, not at all. Uh-uh.

"Oooh, a three pound box of Cheez-Its! That should last about three days." - Paul of the Coscto-sized box. This came after I bought a small box and the girls devoured them in seconds flat.

Conversation on the way to Annabel's preschool:
Sammy: "Bob! Bob! Bob! Bob!"
Me: "Hey, you know Bob too?!"
Annabel: "No, Mommy. Sammy's not talking about Bob. He's talking about Spongebob."


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