Christmas Day

Christmas day this year was the best ever! Santa came and brought some fun for the good little children living at our house. Lucy and Annabel are at such great ages for Christmas. Lucy in the end said that she really did believe in Santa after seeing the scene Christmas morning. Annabel was so very excited at all the new things to play with and the magic of Christmas. Sammy was just full of surprise at all the changes that happened overnight.

Sammy has discovered some balls that Santa left below. One-hundred and fifty balls to be extact. Not terribly fun to pick up at the end of the day but so much fun for him all day long!

The view of Christmas morning from above.

Opening Christmas Barbie dolls to inhabit the new Barbie house that Santa brought.

Sammy got a ball popper that all the kids enjoyed.

A futile attempt at a photo of the kids on Christmas morning. Sammy is not able to stay put for a moment, certainly not for this shutter bug.

Sammy in the sandbox turned into a ball pit (which will be turned back into a sandbox come warmer weather).

Opening gifts from Granny and Grandad: Three Muskateers Barbie dolls.

Talking with Granny and Grandad in England on speaker phone while opening their gifts.

Sammy showing off Mommy's new pink coffee mug.

A box full of fun. What could be inside?

A scooter!

Another scooter!

Annabel taking it for a spin.

Lucy also quickly becoming a scooter pro.

Annabel helping Daddy open a present.

Sammy trying out Annie's scooter.

Christmas dinner.

Annabel with her Christmas cracker crown.

Lucy in her Christmas crown.

Sammy in his Christmas crown.


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