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Overheard at Our House

"1-800-BEACHES is where everything is perfect." - Lucy upon seeing a Beaches commercial while watching the latest favorite show around here Busytown Mysteries.

(Sammy doesn't have a voice, so I'll just include a little tidbit about him.) I just discovered that Sammy found the Kleenex box again. How do I know? There's tissue all over the bathroom and quite a bit of "used" tissue stuffed back into the tissue box. I've seen him with tissue; he wipes the walls and the tables. I think he thinks he's cleaning. And, no, I did not just wipe my nose with one of those used tissues. Nope, not at all. Uh-uh.

"Oooh, a three pound box of Cheez-Its! That should last about three days." - Paul of the Coscto-sized box. This came after I bought a small box and the girls devoured them in seconds flat.

Conversation on the way to Annabel's preschool:
Sammy: "Bob! Bob! Bob! Bob!"
Me: "Hey, you know Bob too?!"
Annabel: "No, Mommy. Sammy…

Winter Wonderland

During the week between Christmas and the New Year, we spent some time with my longtime friend Hilarie and family at their family cabin in North Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous and so much fun for everyone. We are very grateful to have such wonderful friends to play with in the snow! The highlights were cozy meals, watching the snow fall every day and night, icicle picking, snowball fights, making snowmen and sledding! The kids' first real experience with snow could not have been better.

Sammy was not really a fan of the cold but he was such a trooper each day.

Annabel also was great despite the cold.

Our second day we woke up to more snow!

Lucy enjoyed the view from the window seat.

Hollis (Hilarie's daughter) and my girls played in a snow drift just outside the cabin.

Paul and Sam (Hilarie's husband) pulling the big kids up the hill on the way to Lake Tahoe.

The beautiful lake.

Sammy riding on the sled.

Lucy, Annabel and Hollis at the snowy lake.

Paul with Annabel and a couple of b…

Christmas Day

Christmas day this year was the best ever! Santa came and brought some fun for the good little children living at our house. Lucy and Annabel are at such great ages for Christmas. Lucy in the end said that she really did believe in Santa after seeing the scene Christmas morning. Annabel was so very excited at all the new things to play with and the magic of Christmas. Sammy was just full of surprise at all the changes that happened overnight.

Sammy has discovered some balls that Santa left below. One-hundred and fifty balls to be extact. Not terribly fun to pick up at the end of the day but so much fun for him all day long!
The view of Christmas morning from above.

Opening Christmas Barbie dolls to inhabit the new Barbie house that Santa brought.

Sammy got a ball popper that all the kids enjoyed.

A futile attempt at a photo of the kids on Christmas morning. Sammy is not able to stay put for a moment, certainly not for this shutter bug.

Sammy in the sandbox turned into a ball pit (which wi…