O Christmas Tree

This weekend we found our Christmas tree. We decided to make it an event and drove toward Half Moon Bay where there are a bunch of Christmas tree farms. We picked the first one along the way, which was Santa's Tree Farm. It was surprising fun! They had many acres of trees and many types from which to choose. After a good hike through the hilly Noble Fir field where we found nothing, we found what looked like a good sized one in the Douglas Fir field. Really bushy and healthy looking. The kids all had a great time playing with sticks, rocks and seed pods. We finished with a visit to Santa, some hot cider and a ride on the train. When we got the tree home we found out that is was in fact HUGE! They really do look so much smaller out in the great outdoors, and then when it comes to stuffing it through the front door and standing it up, boy, what a difference! We are happy for our high ceilings. All in all it was great fun and we'll do it again.

Lucy ready for the tree hunt.

The guys ready with the saw.

Annabel with stick in hand hiking along and digging holes here and there along the way.

Our family of five.

Here's our tree!

Sammy with some bark. He also found rocks to try to eat.

Paul and Lucy sawing it down.

Lucy with one of the many seed pods the girls collected.

The work is done!

Annabel with a seed pod.

Sammy on the train.

Paul and Sam on the train.

We got our Christmas tree! Let the season begin!


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