Lucy's Kindergarten Christmas Performance

Lucy's kindergarten Christmas performance was Friday. She did great. It was in the mulitpurpose room and we were really far back, beyond all the seated grade schoolers, so the pictures aren't great, but I couldn't help but share the few that I got. She's quite the performer! She's always been enthusiastic and it's certainly shines through here. I mean, it wasn't exactly an up close and personal setting but I could still see her sparkle during the performance. That's my girl!

Lucy in red, posing for a photo.

Lucy's kindergarten class, she's in the upper right corner.

During the beginnning of this number they do a little poem but the school kids weren't aware of it, so it was drowned out by their talking. Once the music starts you can see Lucy's flouncy little skirt going! I think she needs a stage for Christmas. They are signing the words of the song in case you are wondering what all the hand gestures are.

I caught the end of this song on video up close. Once it's over you can see her curtsy repeatedly. She's ready for the big stage, wouldn't you say?


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