Let It Snow!

The morning of Dec. 7, we were treated with a spectacular sight upon awakening. It was snowing at our house! That's right. Snowing! We live in the Bay Area, and snow here, at pretty much sea level, is rare. Like, once every 20 years rare. But it happened, and so I got the girls up when it was still very early, very dark and obviously very cold because we just couldn't contain ourselves. We had to get out and enjoy the snow! Lucy was over the moon (does she get that from me?) with excitement and Annabel liked it too. We made a tiny snowman and marvelled at the snowflakes falling from the sky. After Sam woke up he got in on all the fun and took a quick peek out back at all the snow. All in all, it was wonderful, and for their first experience with snow just could not have been better.


  1. You're such a good mom :)

    Love that teeny tiny snowman LOL


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