Trick or Treating on Halloween

This year for Halloween we had Sammy the lobster, Annabel as Elina from Barbie Fairytopia and Lucy as Rosella from Barbie as the Island Princess. The girls had so much fun this time trick or treating. I mean they really understood it this year as opposed to past years when they would ring the doorbell and when someone answered they would try to walk into the house, like, oh, we're here to visit you now! This year they had flashlights and enthusiasm, and they marveled at all the decor and costumes. It was a Saturday so the neighborhood was hopping. And can I just say I am astounded at the amount of candy generous neighbors gave? Buckets full. Seriously we have buckets of candy from less than an hour of trick or treating. I am still sending candy in with Paul so that his workmates can have a little sugar every day.

All dressed up. Annabel is still applying lipgloss. She has been fixated on lipgloss from an early age. I predict a good portion of her allowance will go toward makeup in her teen years.

Waving to the skeleton hand in the meter. The people who lived there had rigged it with fishing wire so that it waved right back. The woman had to stand on her porch a long time making the hand wave because the girls were so fascinated. (Lucy, of course, immediately spotted the line and she had the whole trick figured out before the hand even started waving.)

Dancing just as any princess would on such a happy, candy filled night.

Me and my girls.

Sammy getting into the candy back at home.

Annabel relaxing with Daddy and candy. What more could a fairy ask for?


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