Thanksgiving at Grandma's House

Our family spent Thanksgiving in Redding, Calif., at my Mom's newly remodeled house. We all had a wonderful time and marveled at how the house turned out. Best of all was spending the holiday together and having a meal with our loved ones who we so rarely get to see.

My cousin Kim and my Uncle John rounding up some beverages for our meal.

Nona, Aunt Anna and Grandpa Red making some gravy.

Sammy with Grandpa Red.

My brother Matt was able to get a rare few days off and made the trip north.

Annabel, Paul, Lucy and AuntAnna.

The family about to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal. Aunt Anna, Grandpa Red, Uncle John, Uncle Mark, my Mom, Matt, Kim, Paul and Nona. Uncle Matt, who is serving in Afghanistan, was in our thoughts as well as Aunt Janet who we missed dearly this first Thanksgiving without her after she passed away in February.

The girls pretty much ate dinner rolls for dinner. Perhaps I need to cook more traditional foods so they can get used to eating it.

My mom and Matt took the kids for a long walk along the Sacramento river trail on Friday morning. I was resting after a long (and early!) morning of shopping at the sales. When they got back Paul took this picture of Lucy with her Uncle Matt. Lucy just saw it and said, "Hey, that's my special picture with Uncle Matt!" Cute.

Lucy and Annabel having a sword fight with drumsticks. It was all fun and games until somebody got smacked on the hand and then it was all tears and no more drumsticks.

Grandma and Sammy feeding Pookie some dog biscuits. At first he didn't know what to do so he threw them thinking that it was like playing ball with her.

Sammy didn't want to stop feeding her. Pookie got lucky that morning. I think she ate about 10 biscuits!

They finished off with a rawhide bone. Sammy was sure to test this one out first. Mmmmmmm!


  1. So much to comment on! First LOVE the new look of your blog :) Look how blonde Sammy is!!! We had a Grandpa Red growing up too. And lastly, if you don't cook traditional food, what kind do you cook? Inquiring mind here wants to know LOL

    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving :)

  2. Well, I sure don't roast a turkey and serve it with two kinds of stuffing, mashed potato, gravy and a green bean dish among other yummy things! :) We just stick to the simple stuff that's more kid friendly: pasta, etc. I'm not the best cook so it's a good thing they like simple cooking.

    The Cutest Blog on the Block makes it easy to change your blog template. I love their designs and best of all it's FREE. After Christmas I get to pick a new one. Yay!

    Sammy got one thing from me for sure: blonde hair!

  3. Linda, it looked like you all had a good time. We missed spending Thanksgiving with everyone. Love the pictures. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE CLOTHES! Wow. Owen and Lucas are going to get a lot of use out of them. You are wonderful. Hugs! Gina

  4. We missed you at Thanksgiving. Perhaps next year? Hope so. Or maybe a summer reunion?!

    Owen is still wearing 18 month clothes? Wow! He's four months older than Sam. I'm surprised but happy that Owen can join the fashion show too! :) I also have some bigger 18 month pants and Carter's fleece sleepers that Sam is still wearing but I will pass them along when he outgrows them.

  5. I know - I stole the blog site from your blog ;)

    Aaaah okay I wasn't sure if you were just always cooking some other type of food. The boys have never had turkey unless it's from Subway LOL Stuffing either... they have had mashed potatoes and green beans but not quite like how people do it up for Thanksgiving. I totally know what you mean! Oh - and we had to tell the boys it was chicken meat, not turkey LOL


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