Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins each year is a big deal for our family. I don't go much beyond triangles and snaggle-toothed smiles but the kids love it and it's a fun tradition. So here are our jack-o'-lanterns this year.

Lucy marking out the design. Here she is drawing a "crown" for her pumpkin.

Annabel so cute with her design. I have to admit I didn't follow it to a T when carving.

Scooping seeds. They refuse to scoop with their hands leaving me to do the dirty work, but they did have fun flinging seeds and pulp all over the place.

Still scooping.

The finished products. Lucy's matches her smile and Annabel got lots of triangles as requested.

Paul and Sammy out front just after we lit the jack-o'-lanterns.

Me and the kids.


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