Overheard at Our House

"I can reach it because I have my tippy toes!" - Annabel after successfully getting into the girls' lipgloss stash that I purposely put high out of reach; guess it's not high enough!

"I just used my muscles!" - Annabel's explanation of how she climbed over the gate at the top of the stairs well after her bedtime. She also was inventive enough to find one of the kids' step stools, which is a good thing because she may have fallen down the staircase without that little boost.

"Her foot was tired so it fell asleep." - Lucy's understanding of what happens with the whole sleeping limb thing after I tried to explain that Annabel's foot was hurting/tingling because it had fallen asleep.

"You should try your chili, Annabel. It's good! It's not really 'chilly.' It's warm." - Lucy as we are eating our chili and corn bread lunch.

"I need 'attention,' Mommy." - Annabel as she is closing the bathroom door for privacy not "attention."


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