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Thanksgiving at Grandma's House

Our family spent Thanksgiving in Redding, Calif., at my Mom's newly remodeled house. We all had a wonderful time and marveled at how the house turned out. Best of all was spending the holiday together and having a meal with our loved ones who we so rarely get to see.

My cousin Kim and my Uncle John rounding up some beverages for our meal.

Nona, Aunt Anna and Grandpa Red making some gravy.

Sammy with Grandpa Red.

My brother Matt was able to get a rare few days off and made the trip north.

Annabel, Paul, Lucy and AuntAnna.

The family about to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal. Aunt Anna, Grandpa Red, Uncle John, Uncle Mark, my Mom, Matt, Kim, Paul and Nona. Uncle Matt, who is serving in Afghanistan, was in our thoughts as well as Aunt Janet who we missed dearly this first Thanksgiving without her after she passed away in February.

The girls pretty much ate dinner rolls for dinner. Perhaps I need to cook more traditional foods so they can get used to eating it.

My mom and Matt took the kids…

Outing with Daddy

Paul took the girls out and about in the neighborhood recently. First stop the park, then pine cone hunting and finally a hike up the hill above our home.

First time on the tire swing.
Annabel on the slide.

Hiking up the hill.

Made it to the top! Our house is in between the girls, the farthest one away.

Autumn Girls

Here are Lucy and Annabel under my favorite tree. It's tiny but beautiful, just like my girls. Each fall I try to get a picture of the kids under the tree. Sammy was napping at the time so absent from the photo. Unfortunately, we had a big wind storm that shook all the leaves from the tree before I could get Sammy out there, so we'll have to try next year for a picture with all three under my favorite tree.

Lately the girls have a renewed interest in the dress up chest, so we are getting a lot of princess-type fashion shows. And with any such show there is always a whole lot of singing and dancing. No video to show yet but I did catch some really pretty princess smiles.

Child of the Day

Annabel was Child of the Day at preschool twice this fall. Here she is the first time. She truly felt so special; can't you see it in her face? One of the things I love about her preschool is that they make an effort with each and every child, which is so important at this age.

Another Tooth Gone!

This was tooth No. 4 to go for little Miss Lucy. She is nearly toothless in the front of her mouth. It's silly and cute, and I'm enjoying seeing her in her last little kid stage before she gets her big beaver teeth. As for her diet (because she's toothless!) we stick to the normal stuff, but I cut up things like pizza that are hard to bite into. It's like she's a toddler again. Awww!

Student of the Month

We are so proud of Lucy! She was honored as Student of the Month for October. She has her squirrely moments, but she is really doing well in school. What more could we ask for?!

Trick or Treating on Halloween

This year for Halloween we had Sammy the lobster, Annabel as Elina from Barbie Fairytopia and Lucy as Rosella from Barbie as theIsland Princess. The girls had so much fun this time trick or treating. I mean they really understood it this year as opposed to past years when they would ring the doorbell and when someone answered they would try to walk into the house, like, oh, we're here to visit you now! This year they had flashlights and enthusiasm, and they marveled at all the decor and costumes. It was a Saturday so the neighborhood was hopping. And can I just say I am astounded at the amount of candy generous neighbors gave? Buckets full. Seriously we have buckets of candy from less than an hour of trick or treating. I am still sending candy in with Paul so that his workmates can have a little sugar every day.

All dressed up. Annabel is still applying lipgloss. She has been fixated on lipgloss from an early age. I predict a good portion of her allowance will go toward makeup in h…

Overheard at Our House

"I can reach it because I have my tippy toes!" - Annabel after successfully getting into the girls' lipgloss stash that I purposely put high out of reach; guess it's not high enough!

"I just used my muscles!" - Annabel's explanation of how she climbed over the gate at the top of the stairs well after her bedtime. She also was inventive enough to find one of the kids' step stools, which is a good thing because she may have fallen down the staircase without that little boost.

"Her foot was tired so it fell asleep." - Lucy's understanding of what happens with the whole sleeping limb thing after I tried to explain that Annabel's foot was hurting/tingling because it had fallen asleep.

"You should try your chili, Annabel. It's good! It's not really 'chilly.' It's warm." - Lucy as we are eating our chili and corn bread lunch.

"I need 'attention,' Mommy." - Annabel as she is closing the bathroom …

Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins each year is a big deal for our family. I don't go much beyond triangles and snaggle-toothed smiles but the kids love it and it's a fun tradition. So here are our jack-o'-lanterns this year.

Lucy marking out the design. Here she is drawing a "crown" for her pumpkin.
Annabel so cute with her design. I have to admit I didn't follow it to a T when carving.

Scooping seeds. They refuse to scoop with their hands leaving me to do the dirty work, but they did have fun flinging seeds and pulp all over the place.

Still scooping.

The finished products. Lucy's matches her smile and Annabel got lots of triangles as requested.

Paul and Sammy out front just after we lit the jack-o'-lanterns.

Me and the kids.

Annabel's Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Annabel had her pumpkin patch and harvest party event at preschool and was so very excited! Anything that involves dressing up and sweets is super special in her eyes, as she loves both.

All dressed up in her orange finery and ready for preschool.

At circle time raising her hand to share something special about the child of the day. She looks so big to me. I think it's the long legs sticking out.

Annabel found her perfect pumpkin outside.

Posing with her class for a quick HCLS photo.

Sammy the Lobster

Sammy had his first true Halloween experience this year at his Wonderful Ones class. He was just the cutest little lobster ever!

Trick or treating at the LARPD offices. A few doors in he met with someone who told him "no, don't put the bubbles in your mouth" and he burst into tears. Poor little guy.
Music time at class.

Lobster boy!