Pumpkin Patch Adventure

We took our annual trip to Joan's Farm and Pumpkin Patch in Livermore last weekend. It was the best trip yet, probably because they are at such great ages for it. Lucy was in her element riding a pony, choosing a pumpkin and racing around all the mazes. Annabel took her first pony ride (so bravely; we are so proud!) and enjoyed the pumpkin hunt as well as petting a donkey. Sammy, once he woke up, got to walk among the pumpkins for a bit and seemed pretty impressed with the vast expanse of round orange things. He said, "Ba! Ba!" quite a lot ("Ball!").

Hooray for Pumpkin Land!

So thrilled to be riding a pony.

Lucy rode Lightening and sang a song she made up about her pony the whole ride: "Lightening 1-2-3!" The cowboy joked with her, asking her if she had a record with that song on it. I don't think she knows what a record is.

Adorable Annabel with Daddy.

Annie rode Licorice. She pronounced it "Licolish." Could she be any cuter?

Three princesses in a pumpkin carriage.


He walks like a pro now. Much faster than I thought he would. My baby no more.

Sammy found his pumpkin.

Exclaiming some more about the pumpkins.

Paul and his boy.

Sammy and me.
(He's trying to get down to do some more walking.)

Hunting for the perfect pumpkin.

Annabel, Sammy and Lucy sitting on pumpkins.

Hey! We have a runner! (We did this about 10 times before we got the above shot.)

The three wee ones riding a wolf statue.


  1. Great shots! Love the one of him running off LOL


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