Grandpa Red and Nona Visit

Grandpa Red and Nona came for a visit yesterday and today. The kids are gaga for their great grandparents. There was a lot of dancing around and excitement when the little ones greeted their Grandpa Red and Nona. We played with the toys they brought, put on an impromptu ballet performance (the girls did anyway) and then headed out for the preschool spaghetti feed at Annabel's school. It was fun for the kids to play at the preschool and the food was tasty, but the raffle part ran a bit long in the end. We made it home eventually and succeeded in getting the kids in bed easily after all the excitement and a very long day for all. Annabel's been straying downstairs long after we think she's asleep and it happened again last night. She's just too cute to be stern with so I have a feeling we'll see a lot more late night visits to come, especially when her favorite great grandparents are visiting.
They headed out this morning so it was a quick visit, but we'll see them again midweek. Can't wait!
Annabel, Nona and Lucy playing with the new Skipper, Stacie and Kelly dolls they brought for the girls.

Lucy taking a picture of Grandpa Red saying "Cheese!"

Looking at the picture.


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