Sammy Stands and Walks Now!

Our little guy started pushing himself up to a standing position all by himself on Sept. 8th. He looks so proud! We are too. I love how wide-set his little legs are; it's all about the balancing act.

A week later on Sept. 15th Sammy took his first steps. I've been trying to capture it on video ever since but have had limited success. Below is a snippet of a couple attempts. He is getting more and more confident and I bet by late October he will be walking well. Sad to see the crawling stage come to an end for my last baby. I will enjoy it for these last few weeks!

Standing alone and so proud!

More attempts at walking with Mommy cheering him on.
(As you can see we have several others vying for my attention: the cat (you can only see Stimpy's tail going by a few times) and Annabel doing acrobatics on the girls' chairs.)


  1. Make sure you teach Sammy that in America football is pigskin, NFL, 49ers, Raiders, etc. Don't let Paul try to teach him any British nonsense like football means soccer.

  2. Hooray!!! Way to go Sammy! :)


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