Lucy's First Day of School

Lucy's first day of school was Aug. 24. She is a kindergartener now. Hard to believe. She absolutely adores school. She was so excited the first day. She's done so well and is actually picking up how to read already. We've done a few projects for homework and she completely throws herself into it. She thinks her teacher is very nice and she strives to behave well so she can get that all important hand stamp at the end of the day. I couldn't be happier with how much she loves school! We are so proud!

All dressed up, with big backpack on and ready to go!

Both girls jumping on the black top waiting for the gate to be opened.

Toothless kindergartener smile!

Finding her hook for her backpack and snack bag.

Waiting in line to go into her classroom. So impatient and excited!

Waving bye-bye to mommy from her spot on the rug.

Sitting for her first circle time (not much room for a circle because of the small room, but the kids don't seem to notice).

Class is over. Lucy got a hand stamp for being good. She said they learned the rules, read two books, did a craft, toured the school (there is a "beautiful garden"), took a group trip (supervised) to the bathroom, ate snack on the playground at picnic tables and finished the day with playtime on the play structure. What a fun first day!


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